A Coincidental

The history and evolution of Porges Cakes.


Early Childhood

As a young child, Golda Porges was known for creating messes and successes in the kitchen. She loved experimenting with her culinary creations, and constantly surprised family& friends with her extraordinary baking and decorating skills.


Exploring a Passion

After giving birth to her oldest child, Golda began considering the idea of turning her passion for baking into a profession. Despite initial hesitation, she placed a $50 ad to promote her cake-baking services and took the leap.


Out of the Oven

The people responded and excited calls started coming. Porges Cakes was born!

At that time, most bakeries either specialized in delicious-tasting cakes or elegant decorations. It was rare to find both in the same creation. Porges was now pleasing palates as well as enhancing presentations. This sweet balance took the world by storm.


Targeting Talent

As the bakery grew, so did the team, as Golda carefully assembled an all-star team of talented bakers, decorators, and customer service specialists. Each employee’s unique capabilities were carefully utilized to create a smooth and skilled daily production.


Baking it Right

Porges Cakes quickly became known for using the freshest and most authentic ingredients, refusing to compromise with cheaper, ready-made products. This commitment resulted in the signature Porges flavor that event planners, corporate CEOs, and everyday customers have grown to love.


Raising the Cake

In 2014, Porges Cakes expanded to serve additional locations, including Brooklyn, Lakewood, and out-of-state. Due to popular demand, the bakery also began delivering cakes to the Catskills during the summer.



Porges Cakes is now synonymous with exquisite artistry and delectable goodness. With an ever-expanding menu of classic and trending confections, Porges is proud to be the #1 choice for dessert tables across the world.