Our Values


A really good cake?

Rapid-Fire Round

With our Founder and Creative Director, Golda Porges


One of our biggest secrets is using the freshest, most authentic ingredients, and never substituting with inferior, ready-made cheaper products. This ensures our signature delicate flavor and true artisanal quality.


One of the important elements of employing a talented staff is to recognize what each employee excels at and how to utilize their skill to enhance production.

Some are especially adept at fondant, others cream cakes seamlessly, while others seem particularly skilled at baking. The key is to tap into their unique strengths for the most efficient, most beautiful creation.


Inspiration for new products can come from the most random of places: The soft petals of a kallah's flowers to the cascading colors in apparel showrooms. Anything I gaze upon, I instantly envision it being transformed into edible art.


Styles come and go in all areas and industries, and this one is no different. Much like fashion, artistic edibles have to be in vogue, and we make sure to be one step ahead of the trends. At one point the popular item was painted cakes, at another, it was rose balls. The trends change, but at the core, we will always have a solidly delectable cake.


At Porges, Kashrus is paramount. Besides the use of stellar ingredients, our staff is comprised of predominantly Heimishe girls who hand-check the eggs, are aware of the Halachos of Hafrashas Challah, and are trained in all relevant areas of Halacha.

Porges is a pareve-only facility to ensure no cross-contamination.
Most-importantly, our door remains open to clients who wish to send their own Kehillah's Baal Machshir to check on operations.