From good old classics to delicious new favorites, our centerpieces set the stage for truly memorable celebrations.

Our Cakes


With an explosion of flavor and creativity in every bite, our world-renowned miniatures are a must-have at every dessert table.

Our miniatures


Whether chewy or crunchy, fruity or nutty, our ever-expanding array of cookies brings small bites of heaven to the party.

Our Cookies


Handcrafted with rich, premium ingredients, our luxurious chocolates and truffles provide a sweet and memorable indulgence.

Our Chocolates

Have your cake.
Design it too.

We understand that your event is unique and will customize any cake or miniature to coordinate with the designs and colors of your dreams.

Since 1990, our family-owned-and-operated bakehouse has been crafting fresh, mouthwatering confections for the well-discerning connoisseur.

What sets a Porges cake apart is our undisputed skill, artistry, and time-tested techniques that are mastered in every one of our creations.

Kashrus is a core principle that we will never compromise on. We are privileged to be trusted by the most stringent of communities and will do all it takes to live up to every Kashrus expectation.

One of our biggest secrets is using the freshest, most authentic ingredients, and never substituting with inferior, ready-made cheaper products. This ensures our signature, delicate flavor, and true artisanal quality.

The trends change, but at the core, we always have a solidly delectable cake.